2024 “Huaxia Community Cup” Table Tennis Team Tournament

Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024

Venue: Houston International Table Tennis Academy (HITTA)

510 S Mason Road, Katy, Texas 77450

Registration fee: $30 per person (including lunch and drink). Registration fee by Quick pay sinoprofessional@gmail.com or cash or check (Payto SPA)

Registration deadline: April 15, 2024, subject to receipt of the registration fee. If registration is full, registration will end early.

Organizer: Sino Professionals Association  (www.sinoprofessionals.org )

Co-organizer: Houston International Table Tennis Academy (www.hittacademy.com )

Tournament Rules:

1. Grouping: The tournament is divided into Division A (advanced), Division B (intermediate), Division C (Beginning) and Division W (Women) according to the overall level of the participating teams. Each team is composed of 4 players, regardless of age or gender except women’s division all players are women. Each team can has only one player with USATT rating more than 2200, and the total rating of the top three athletes shall not exceed 6300 (Division A)/5500 (Division B)/4800 (Division C). Rating cut-off date 3/18/2024. Seeding cut-off date 4/18/2024. Those who do not have USATT rating will be assigned a rating by the tournament committee according to their actual level. A player can only sign up for one team. If there are less than 4 teams in the women’s division, they will be reassigned into Divisions A, B, and C accordingly.

2. Schedule: The team match is 4 singles and 1 doubles match: single, single, double, single, single. The team wins three sets wins. Each person is limited to two singles or one single and double. Player rosters cannot be changed after the registration deadline.

The proposed limit is 8 teams in Division A, 12 teams in Division B, 8 teams in Division C and 6 teams in Division W. The first round is a round robin (RR), and the rest are single elimination (SE) till the first, second and third places are determined.

The match sequence is first two sets of singles, then one set of doubles, and finally two sets of singles. It is best of five games. After drawing lots to determine the home and guest teams before the game, the home team decides ABC, and the guest team decides XYZ, which cannot be changed. According to the regulations of the ITTF, the third player must play doubles, match order: the first match A vs X, the second match B vs Y, the third match A+C vs X+Z, the fourth match B vs Z, the fifth match C vs Y.

3. Award: the top three teams in Division A will be awarded prizes (the first, second and third team will receive $300, $240 and $200 respectively) and 4 trophies each team; the top three teams in Division B will be awarded prizes (the first, second and third teams will each receive $160, $140 and $120) and 4 trophies each team; the top three teams in Division C will be awarded 4 trophies each team; the top three teams in the women’s Division will be awarded prizes (the first, second and third team will receive $100, $80 and $60) and 4 trophies each team.

Note: due to the time constraints and if the venue permits, the organizing committee has the right to require two teams to play two matches at the same time. Violations during the matches, such as serving and tossing the ball not high enough, if the player does not correct it after two warnings, the opponent has the right to ask an umpire for the match.

4. Tournament ball: Yinghe H40+  3 star table tennis ball

5. This tournament is not USATT sanctioned and will not affect USATT ratings. The organizing committee has the right to interpret the tournament rules.

6. Each team must designate a captain. The captain is responsible for registration, payment, filling out the waiver form, passing on the tournament information etc. The team captain must provide email address and mobile phone number. The team registration and waiver form are as follows:

Registration and Waiver Form Link                          


7. Refund: Registration fees will be refunded 100% before the registration deadline. Registration fees will NOT be refunded after the registration deadline.

8. The organizing committee has the final decision on the matters related to this tournament.

Tournament Director:

Ning Cheng ning_cheng@hotmail.com (713) 498-5859

Tournament Committee:

Mary Li mary@sacsf.com (832) 858-5899

Hua Gu guhua75@gmail.com (832) 573-0903

HITTA: Manny Velazquez hittaponggm@gmail.com (713) 737-5310

HITTA: Chong Pang chongpang168@gmail.com (408)390-7384

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