About us

Sino Professionals Association in Houston, Texas, was founded in May 1992 as a non-profit, non-political and friendship organization. The organization is recognized as exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is one of the oldest and largest Chinese professional organizations in the greater Houston area.

Our primary objective is to bring to our members a variety of goodwill social activities and cultural events to broaden our social circles and enrich our off-work life. We are determined to promote the mutual understanding and respect with other local communities, including everyone with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are also dedicated to communicating and fostering good relationships with the main stream society, and promoting scientific and technological exchanges between China and the USA. We work hard to enhance the professional career of our members by organizing various events and seminars, and promote the relationship and understanding between China and the USA through the major cultural events.

Since founded in 1992, our organization has grown from the original 50 members to over 600 members today. The majority of our members came from Mainland China, and have earned advanced degrees (M.S., Ph.D. and so on) in various fields such as science, engineering, legal, financial, medical, accounting and banking services. Most of us are professionals working for American and international companies, universities and government in the Houston area.

The association has persistently organized various community activities, and hosted big culture events in Chinese community of Houston. Since 1996, the association has become a leading organization in hosting the annual multi-arts performance to celebrate the China National Day. In 1997, the association’s leaders founded the National Day Foundation, which has now become a subsidiary wholly owned by Sino Professionals Association. Organized by the Sino Professionals Association and National Day Foundation, hundreds and thousands of artists from different places around the world have performed for the people in Houston, which actively promoted culture awareness, diversity, and recognition. Furthermore, every year the association hosts a number of sport competitions, seminars, picnic, camping, and participates in many local community affairs, such as annual China National Day gala, Xinhai Revolution centennial celebration and publication, and Houston International Festival.

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